Are you named as one of the UK’s clumsiest?

By Dominic Chapman / September 06, 2017

Are you named as one of the UK’s clumsiest?

Are you Treading on Lego, losing your wallet and missing your train are all up there with some of the most annoying things in life. However, does anything really compare to the severe frustration that flushes through you when you drop your phone? We all know the feeling- the slow, apprehensive turn over to see what damage our butter fingers have caused, only to find our phone in in bits… glass bits to be precise.

Today’s working population have become ever more dependent on their phones: fact. With our busy schedules and chaotic days, our phones have become our beloved companion in which we trust with not only all of our information and plans but also to keep us company through the dreaded daily commutes. With most of our customers using StemX on their mobile devices (around 50%), we understand first-hand the negative effects that a smashed phone screen can have for daily functioning and businesses.

We wonder how many of us would find ourselves some what lost without our phones in our day to day lives? So many of us have confessed to self-diagnosing ourselves as clumsy when it comes to the phone dropping, the screen smashing, and the tears shedding. Ok, perhaps there are no shed tears, but the frustration is oh so real.

So, with this considered, we, at StemX, would like to put our hands together for the clumsiest Brits of 2017. We applaud you.

iSmash, a UK high-street tech repair specialist, has recently surveyed their data in order to collect the names of the clumsiest Brits. By clumsy, they are purely referring to those who drop their phones the most, but we’ll leave that statement open-ended. iSmash have collected the data from over 2,500 phone repairs across the UK over the last three months. The data revealed that men are, in fact, the clumsier of the sexes in this instant, with 76% of the claims being male. However, to keep this fair, both males and female names have been analysed, so, let’s see if you’re one of them.

The top 30 names of the clumsiest Brits are…

  1. Ben
  2. James
  3. David
  4. Paul
  5. Sarah
  6. Mark
  7. Richard
  8. Andrew
  9. Alex
  10. Chris
  11. John
  12. Michael
  13. Daniel
  14. Emma
  15. Simon
  16. Matthew
  17. Robert
  18. Laura
  19. Charlotte
  20. Philip
  21. Nick
  22. Peter
  23. Tom
  24. Lucy
  25. Sam
  26. Stephen
  27. Anna
  28. Rebecca
  29. Ian
  30. Jonathan

And the top cities…

  1. Leeds
  2. Nottingham
  3. Bristol
  4. Newcastle
  5. Manchester
  6. Glasgow
  7. Cardiff
  8. Brighton
  9. Birmingham
  10. Liverpool
  11. Belfast
  12. Edinburgh
  13. Sheffield
  14. Plymouth
  15. Coventry
  16. Derby
  17. Stoke-on-Trent
  18. Wolverhampton
  19. Hull
  20. Leicester
  21. Bradford
  22. Sunderland
  23. London
  24. Swansea
  25. Wakefield

So, if your name is Ben or Sarah, you are officially the clumsiest person going… (according to iSmash). Let’s hope you don’t live in Leeds, either.

iSmash’s founder, Julian Shovlin, spoke about the research, stating: “We carried out the research to see if there was any correlation that might exist between names and phone breakages, with the results suggesting that certain names have less luck than others. Damaging your phone is always very inconvenient and if your name is on the list, I would suggest buying a case to help save you from future breakages!”

Regardless of whether your name has made it to the iSmash list, if you know you are guilty of the phone smashing crime, fret not. It really does happen to the best of us. Keep your chins high, and your grips firm.
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