Collaboration Made Simple

By Dominic Chapman / August 01, 2017

Collaboration Made Simple

Over the past few weeks, the whole team has been incredibly busy in bringing an exciting new feature to life. We are delighted to announce that users can now experience team collaboration throughout the platform. With the ability to share both interviews and candidates, your colleagues can now edit, review and rate what’s shared with them in an instant.

We’ve made the platform as user-friendly and inclusive as possible, with the power to now add multiple users onto your team ranging from Hiring Managers to Reviewers, both of which have different levels of access.

Hiring Managers can now work collaboratively on creating, managing and reviewing interviews and candidates making it more efficient to handle a higher number of video interviews. Reviewers can be created and assigned to review numerous candidates within moments notice allowing for everyone to have their say on the interview.

As part of the new collaboration feature, we have also launched individual profiles for each user, as the company admin you will be able to view the core information and basic account details related to each user. This will help you better understand and manage your team with the ability to remove a user, view all of their interviews or simply change a password if it’s been forgotten.

The addition of these features will make StemX a much more in depth platform with more control being handed over to the users. If you would like to learn more about this feature please click here.