Do you fear your workplace?

By Dominic Chapman / October 27, 2017

Do you fear your workplace?

For many of us, there is no greater fear than the prospect of work the following morning. Alarms are often terrifying, and bosses are even worse. We have done our research, by which we mean we’ve let London Metropolitan University do it for us, and found that we Britons spend an incredible and exhausting number of hours at work in during our lifetimes. Well, you already know this, right? But did you know that these hours combined equal to a solid 12 years of our lives? What’s more, is that 15 months in this period will be working overtime. Breathe!

Considering such a large proportion of our lives is spent at work, it only seems reasonable that the over-66 million of us Brits feel comfortable within our workplaces, right? Wrong. In fact, new research conducted by Forward Role has found that a percentage of us are scared of our jobs!

Does the apprehension of a presentation drive you crazy? Do you break into cold sweats when you get pulled aside for ‘a word’? Does your heart palpitate when an email pops up from your boss? If so, it turns out that you’re not the only one.

We have recently discovered that October 10th was ‘National Face Your Fears day’ (we had no idea, either), so with Halloween fast approaching, it seems only fitting to discuss the biggest and most common fears that these people find with their jobs. Admittedly, these percentages aren’t mind-blowingly high, however, with only a small sample size, who knows how many fellow Brits can relate?

These days, jobs are becoming increasingly cut-throat. Available positions are fewer and people are getting smarter, so they say. The ferocious state in which the job market lies is unsurprisingly leaving people questioning the security of their jobs. 13% of workers have stated that they fear they will be fired from their position. Following on from this, this escalation in demand creates an increase of competition, where a further 13% of people admit that they’re afraid of failing in their roles.

One in ten professionals worries that their anxiety is on the rise as a result of the horrendous floods of tasks thrown in their direction. Taking on higher, heavier workloads can be essential for proving one’s position and worth in a company, however, this can knock on to leaving an individual overloaded with work. In turn, this can cause the stresses of underachieving, further resulting in the fears of being fired. Do you see how this can suddenly become one sad, vicious cycle of built up fear? It’s no wonder pub-Friday has become a daily occurrence.

It doesn’t end there, either. The research found that 8% of workers fear confrontation. Whether it’s answering for a huge mistake or something as petty as failing to unload the dishwasher, confrontation is always a chore, never a pleasure. Most of us would much rather breeze through our working days with as little drama as possible.

Did we mention pub-Friday? After a tough day, gathering together with our closest work friends/ colleagues over a cold pint can be the easiest way to unwind and de-stress. But, what if you have no work friends to go to the pub with? 6% of professionals fear that they don’t even fit in with their colleagues! Pint for one, please.

We would hate to leave you on such a down note, so we’ve decided to share with you our best advice how to manage workplace stress and awkward co-worker relationships.

Diggory Simons, Co-Founder and CDO of StemX, recommends:

“Working within any organisation requires a level of patience and compromise. Building individual relationships with team members allows you to better understand someone’s fears and pain points. Understanding workplace stress starts and ends with communication – if there’s an air of honesty within the team your productivity and happiness will increase.”

Life is too short to be spending 12 years in a job you fear, so, if you feel it’s time to search for a new one, head over to www.stemx.co.uk to see how that frown can be turned upside down. Happy National Face Your Fears day, we think…