Does Your Work Christmas Party Result In More Than You Bargained For?

By Dominic Chapman / December 11, 2017

Does Your Work Christmas Party Result In More Than You Bargained For?

How is it that Christmas sneaks up on us so quickly every single year? For those of you who are looking for a job, Christmas means frantically job hunting and (hopefully) applying for as many Christmas temp roles as possible. For those of us who will be spending the lead up to Christmas in the office, it’s a very different story.

The Christmas period in the office means a few things are inevitable: 1. The workload is likely to increase, but our working morale often becomes consumed by our festive spirits, making our output less than it should be. 2. Most days at work are spent being hungover because evening Christmas drinks are an essential part of office life – it would be rude not to. 3. Our Christmas parties are on the horizon.

The Christmas party is the one day or evening of the year that many of us look forward to (and a few of us dread). The Xmas party provides the ideal excuse to get drunk and see a whole new side to your co-workers. Some of these co-workers will get a little closer than expected, with recent research by Journalist.org showing that 31% of co-worker’s first kisses occur at the Christmas party. If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid this awkward encounter, and instead witness your boss drinking far too much and make an absolute fool of him/herself – we live in hope.

There will always be a select few who pace themselves and act sensibly at the Christmas party. Equally, there are a few who lose all self-control, resulting in them acting in ways that may be regretted. EasyHotel has done a little digging, and they have come up with the most shocking Christmas party expenses. Sadly, these aren’t the kinds of expenses that can be claimed back from accounts the following morning. Focusing on the events of the journey home, easyHotel reveals Britain’s post-Christmas party confessions from losing a phone to ending up 200 miles away from their homes.

19% of 100 respondents stated that they had ended up an incredible 200 miles away from home on the way back from the Christmas party.

23% admitted that on their journey home from the Christmas party, that have fallen asleep and ended up somewhere between 50 – 100 miles away from their homes.

24% said that they have damaged their outfits beyond repair. They didn’t say how, but we know better than to ask.

33% admitted they lost their keys. That’s a lot of angry housemates/partners.

47% declared they had lost all their dignity travelling home.

53% claimed they misplaced their phones, but we reckon they got stolen when they fell asleep on the train.

68% stated they had lost a valuable item – we wonder why they don’t remember what it was?

Whether you’re 16 or 56, nothing beats grabbing a meal on the way home from a heavy night. But what are the most popular post-Christmas party drunken meal choices? 21% prefer a McDonalds, 26% opt for some cheesy chips, and 32% go for the classic kebab. All hail the kebab.

Nothing compares to a whole day spent in the office with a hangover shadowing over you. The morning after the Christmas party is a struggle for most, so easyHotel also asked their participants how that went for them.

21% admitted that they rocked up to the office in the ‘late morning’.

47% said that they made it in for 9 am sharp. We commend you.

1% confessed that he never returned to work.

We love hearing your Christmas party stories. Whether you go for a civilised lunch or end up dancing on the office table with the boss you have hated since day 1, we hope you have the most memorable Christmas party, for good and bad reasons.

Merry Christmas from the StemX team!