Hygiene in The Workplace

By Dominic Chapman / October 21, 2017

Hygiene in The Workplace

We can all relate to the first day of the new job scenario; you have your best suit on, your new brogues or heels are polished squeaky clean and your hair is styled to perfection. Making strong, positive first impressions are essential, not only in day-to-day life but also, and arguably most importantly, professionally. Because of this, the majority of us will admit to ensuring we look pristine and feel fresh when we start out a job – it’s a no-brainer. However, as time goes on, many of us slowly and surely become more complacent with our appearance, so much so that without our knowledge we may be considerably bothering our co-workers.

Showerstoyou (https://www.showerstoyou.co.uk/) have recently conducted a brilliant survey to gather information on hygiene in the workplace. You may, or may not, be surprised to hear that a whole 56% of workers have claimed that the poor hygiene of their colleagues at work negatively affects their concentration. We’re delighted to share the biggest pet hates that people have admitted they find the most offensive in their workplace. This research was collected from the feedback of 932 office workers across multiple work professions. So by all means, read on to discover these issues in ascending order.

28% of office workers are not a fan of visible tattoos. We think this is a little harsh, it’s 2017, after all.

33% of us get wound up by clothes that are deemed as too casual for work. Subjective, perhaps?

39% of professionals think their co-workers wear too much makeup. Does an over-application of lipstick really affect concentration that much? Cue the feminists.

45% think their co-workers have an unprofessional haircut or facial hair. Mullets are never a good idea and bowl cuts are just pretty funny.

48% of people disagree with their colleagues wearing a heavy amount of perfume or body spray. Better to smell too strongly of perfume than it is of a couple of other things, mind.

52% can’t stand greasy hair. This is understandable, there’s no excuse.

56% of us peeve long fingernails. We can only imagine this is referring to men, in which case, make that 57%.

61% of professionals have it in for dirty/stained work clothes. If we’re talking an accidental coffee spill then we think it’s a little harsh. Yellow sweat stains on a shirt is another story.

64% deem bad breath as their pet hate at work. This one doesn’t really call for much explanation.

70% of office workers stated that they find bad body odour is the biggest personal hygiene issue in the workplace. Fair enough.

So, now you’re up to speed with what some professionals deem as ‘unacceptable hygiene’ in the office. What’s more, 48% believe that if higher hygiene standards were met, their job satisfaction would be improved. Well, if you need to use the excuse that John from Accounts isn’t cutting his fingernails to explain what’s keeping you from enjoying your job…. there might be bigger issues. In addition to this, a staggering 62% of office workers believe it’s up to the employers to nail down on regulations to ensure high standards are met. In addition to this. Do you agree?