In conversation with Tom Money

By Dominic Chapman / September 06, 2017

In conversation with Tom Money

As a Lean Six Sigma black belt and HR improvement consultant, I’m all about efficiency and productivity. This is how I actually came across StemX. It’s incredibly simple and efficient, which makes it easier to carry out with video interviews. I especially like StemX’s filter questions because you only see the candidates that are relevant and right for your vacancy. It reduces wasted time on rework and effort and therefore increases the productivity of your teams.

I’ve been in the recruitment game a long time. Managing candidates is crucial, accuracy and speed. With StemX, it’s really easy, you can navigate through your requisitions and your candidates simply within moments.

Generation Y and Z’s interact with their world through social media and videos, nowadays. It’s why EVP and employee branding is so crucial. It’s not so much nowadays why you should choose a candidate, but why a candidate should choose you. StemX helps improve your employer branding and enables you to attract more candidates and the right candidates and therefore attract the best and deflect the rest.

See the video of our interview with Tom below: