Interview with Managing Director Will Ferreira at UNBXD

By Dominic Chapman / April 18, 2017

Interview with Managing Director Will Ferreira at UNBXD

We recently caught up with the Will Ferreira, Managing Director of UNBXD, to discuss hiring talent, what he has learnt and what advice he would give to candidates who are currently applying for roles. You can watch the video here or read below.

Tell us a little bit about your company? 

Will: So UNBXD is an independent creative agency, we specialise in predominately marketing and branding.

Tell us about your company culture?

Will: The most important thing about culture is that making sure we are all tight nit, so we focus very much on the relationship of individuals but I also think making sure everyone understands their position in the company but also understands the company values is very important.

What do you look for when hiring?

Will: The main thing is confidence, we need to see that people are capable of knowing who they are as a person. Understanding where they can fit in the company and then being able to show there creativity & communication skills. Also the next step I think is being able to communicate with us and let us know who they are as a person for us to understand them.

How can candidates stand out from the crowd? 

Will: The main thing is look at the conventional aspect of applying for job, a lot of people send cv’s which can be very boring and come across very scripted. So look at different ways to approach applying for the job, maybe whether you send in a video or whether you send in something that’s going to catch the employers attention.

What advice would you give about an initial hire?

Will: So if you’re looking at employing staff i’d say especially if you’re a start up you’d be looking at people who can add core value to the company.  So look at key individuals who can grow with the company and understand what your goals are for the future as well as what you want to do in the now.

Where do you find your first hires? 

Will: Especially creatives, social media is probably the best way to find them.  Building a network and followings are quite useful for your using that to find individuals, tapping into that communication and putting the word out you are looking trying to make sure people are interested what you up to that obviously shows value as well.

How do you attract high quality applicants?

Will: We try to show as much of our culture through social media, I think thats the best way to do it. Recently our social media has become more personal and we’ve had a lot more interest just from collaborators, freelancers and people looking for internships or work experience, definitely showing your personality attracts the potential for more employers.

Does interacting with the local community help? 

Will: Especially if your a new business look at local universities & local networks. Also, look at recruitment agencies, get advice from them on how you can attract new employees. Review ideas on how you can put out a better way for people to apply, a lot of people put up a status or email marketing saying we are hiring here is the job description maybe make it a little bit more fun so it will attract the attention of the person looking.