Introducing Storytellers

By Dominic Chapman / March 13, 2017

Introducing Storytellers

Over the past few weeks, we at StemX HQ have been working on something incredibly special. Proving opportunities to young and creative minds is something of extreme importance to us, which is why we are delighted to announce the launch of our Storyteller programme. A unique and collaborative approach to creating high quality written content which will be featured on our blog.

The programme was initially designed with college and university students in mind, the aim was to supply them with the necessary tools and requirements needed to complete the work to the best of their ability. As time went on, we decided that this opportunity should be offered on a wider scale, regardless of age.

The process included in the Storyteller programme is designed to be as efficient as possible, those interested in participating can download a full information pack and brief sheet, complete with guidelines and word counts. Once the content has been created, we ask that it is submitted to us at stories@stemx.co.uk where it will then be subjected to an internal review. When the content is approved the author will receive an email from our team along with a small fee for their time as well as accreditation on their article.

We have chosen to create this unique opportunity because we, as a brand, believe that the best content comes from real people with real opinions. With this opportunity we are giving power back to the people and allowing them the chance to have their say on the latest happenings within the technology and recruitment space.

The process to become a StemX Storyteller is remarkably easy, simply visit our website and within the resources section you will clearly see a section dedicated to the programme, click the download link and you will be provided with all of the material related to participating in the programme.

We hope that this opportunity will serve as the first of many that we can offer to the general public and we eagerly anticipate reading your stories!