New Year, New Candidates: Here are the top personality traits to look for when hiring.

By Dominic Chapman / January 23, 2018

New Year, New Candidates: Here are the top personality traits to look for when hiring.

If you, like many other companies around the world, have entered 2018 with a fresh mindset and new ambitions to vamp up the business, you may be looking to assess and improve your current staffing situation. Making additions to your already existing team can be an exciting move, however, with most adjustments in the workplace, it also comes hand-in-hand with a heavy dose of stress. Are they the right person for the role? Will their personality clash with other staff members?


Different personalities suit different roles. For example, there is no denying that some job roles require a personality which is vacant/detached, where others may demand someone who is able to show empathy in many situations. However, this elimination process should take place before the candidate even progresses to the interview stage as they would have to be familiar with the job vacancy before they apply (you wouldn’t apply for a role you’re not trained in or that wouldn’t suit you, etc). With this first stage out of your hands, it is now up to you to decide what you would like to get from your new employee. There are many aspects that need to be considered when looking for a new face for your team, so we have tried to help you out by picking out the top personality traits you should look for when hiring.


Somebody who is alert switched on and motivated.


It sounds obvious, right? Nonetheless, you’d be surprised at how many people think they can get away with giving the bare minimum. The ideal candidate will be aware of where they are, the conditions in which they are there, and have a clear idea of what they are doing. If your candidate is on time, appropriately dressed and well prepared for the interview, they are probably on the right track.


The ideal candidate will have experience and be able to put it into practice.


If a candidate makes it to the interview stage, the chances are they will have some sort of previous experience on their CV. The ideal candidate should be able to prove this experience and be able to take it one step further. Taking past experience and expressing how they would put it into practice for the new role shows they are assertive whilst also being a problem solver.


Nobody should take themselves too seriously.


If you’re going to be spending endless hours every day with this person, they are going to need to be approachable and fun. This is subjective, but someone with a sense of humour usually helps. Equally, somebody who can’t be serious may not be the right fit for your company.


Somebody who strives for confidence, not cockiness.


Confidence is essential. A strong candidate needs to be able to speak their own opinions and have courage in their convictions. This being said, there is a clear line between confidence and cockiness, and being ‘cocky’ can be a giveaway for negative signs such as poor teamwork skills.


The ideal candidate should be an all-rounder.


It says a lot about someone who clearly values their working life just as much as their social life/their life outside of work. An all-rounded person shows they can take their job seriously but have many other social/interpersonal skills outside the workplace.


The better candidate will inspire their colleagues.


Often, it’s not enough to turn up to work, put your head down and do what you do to go home and pick up the pay cheque at the end of the month. The better candidate won’t be in it for the money – they should want to be a part of the team, bettering the business and working towards joint goals. The best candidates bring something to the table and inspire others.


Somebody who doesn’t sell himself short.


Finally, someone who doesn’t sell himself short is a key factor to look out for. If they have certain abilities, they should put them to use instead of counting on others to make the first moves.