Skype vs Video Interviewing

By Dominic Chapman / February 13, 2018

Skype vs Video Interviewing

Skype vs Video Interviewing – What’s the difference?

With all this new technology available to us, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between what makes one different to another. But since starting my own technology company, I have found myself asking this question of video interviewing – what makes it any different from just Skyping your candidate?

Since seeing the extensive benefits of video interviewing come to life through StemX, I now look at Skype interviews the same way I would look at phone interviews. If you look at how hiring managers currently use Skype, you can see the kinks in the process straight away.

Initially, you review the candidate’s CV then send them an email asking to schedule time for a Skype call with them. Then you propose times that work for you and they come back with a time to schedule in, or they need a new set of times as they are unavailable on these days. Then you send out a calendar invite to confirm everyone is on the same page.

By the time you have confirmed times, exchanged Skype details and scheduled the interview, you have already wasted a lot of time on a candidate who potentially isn’t right for the role.

Now it’s the day of the interview – you spend ten minutes beforehand briefing yourself on their CV and cover letter, maybe another five to prepare yourself for the interview in terms of set up and then the call itself will be about thirty minutes long.

There are four things that could happen;

  1. They don’t show up and disappear off the face of the earth (this has happened to all of us),
  2. They aren’t right for the role
  3. Technical or internet issues interfere or
  4. (Hopefully) They are the right match for the role.

There’s a 66% chance you have wasted your time scheduling and conducting that initial interview.

If they are right for the role, you then need to spend time writing up your notes in full, sharing these with the relevant people and convincing them that they are right for the role. You will complete this process multiple times, before you know it, you have spent days planning and interviewing unnecessarily.

Let’s step forward and see what this process looks like using StemX – a video interviewing platform.



You have done your initial screening and have decided you would like to speak to thirty of the sixty candidates who applied. Fifteen look to be good fits, ten you think have potential and there are five more you who look eager to work in the company and you’d like to see what they have about them.

Using the StemX platform, you add five questions for them to answer – similar to the ones you would ask during your Skype call. They have thirty seconds to read and answer every question. You then import thirty candidates from your ATS and press Send.

This took no longer than ten minutes.

Within three days, you get notified that twenty-five of your thirty candidates have completed their interview. Five have decided to withdraw from the process because they have accepted another job, letting you know not to pursue or invest anymore time with them.

You dedicate an hour to review your candidates and create a shortlist. There are no technical or internet issues involved in this process and each video can be watched an unlimited amount of times. Instead of sharing notes, simply share the interviews with your team. This reduces the risk of bias and allows you to delegate a set of candidates to each team member for reviews and comments.

These are the time saving, bias reducing, smoother process defining, flexibility increasing, happy hiring manager making benefits of StemX!

You could never achieve this quality using Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime or equivalent, so don’t try. Book a demo with us today instead.