How to Adopt Early Technologies as a Recruiter

By Dominic Chapman / November 16, 2018

How to Adopt Early Technologies as a Recruiter

As business owners, this is something you’ll hear more and more over the next few years; we’re currently in the middle of a technical revolution, which is moving faster than ever before.

I fear that businesses and recruiters who don’t embrace new technology will begin to fall behind over the coming years.  It won’t be noticeable at first, but it will begin to creep and build and then it will be too late.

So, here are a few tips to help you get into the mindset of becoming an early adopter, how to effectively adopt early technologies and also a few places you can visit to help you find new technologies.

Where to Go to Find New Technologies


There are plenty of newsletters and websites to help you find new technology and other interesting things.  These are the ones I’d advise following or signing up to:

Every new technology company launches on product hunt and you can find so many interesting pieces of technology to add value to your businesses from here.

This is a newsletter packed full of new technology, articles and what events are coming up.  It’s sent out every Sunday so it’s perfect for a Monday morning read.

We’ve launched our very own monthly newsletter specifically for recruitment agencies where I personally advise and help tons of agencies with their tech.



When I say ‘mindset’ change, this truly is essentially flicking a switch with regard to how you see technology.

Technology is designed and built to solve problems.  Start by splitting your business up into people and technology.  Understand the problems that are going on within the business and work out if it is going to be fixed with new people or new technology.

You really need to be setting aside time every week to see what can be improved from an operational point of view as well as speaking to all your customers, employees and suppliers.

Another big mindset change within technology is appreciating the value of automation.  Don’t shy away and feel like it’s going to take your job and business away from you; embrace it and understand what it does.

To put it simply, automation is designed to let people spend more time doing cognitively demanding tasks and focus on emotional intelligence, including speaking and spending time with customers. I did a talk on this last year; I never turned it into a blog but you can see my original script here which is quite interesting.   AI Script

How to Implement it


  • Know it’s not perfect

The first thing you need to understand about adopting new technologies is knowing that it isn’t always going to work perfectly.  You’ve got to have the vision of what it’s going to be and, if you love it, work with the team to grow it and iron out these creases.

The more helpful you can be in supporting early technologies, the quicker it will be to getting to a stage where it’s perfect for your business.  Staying close also means you have an influence on how the product is built, which is great for you.

  • Use the trial period

This is my pet hate when working with companies who want to use our product; they ask for a trial period, which we always give, and they don’t use the product at all or play around with it . If it’s something you’re seriously considering using for your business, actually use it!

Get all of your team to use it too and make the most of the trial.  You CAN carve out an hour a week to try it out and utilise it to see if it is right.

  • Be or find the Champion

Once you decide to purchase new technology and implement it, you’ve either got to be the champion or find the champion.  What do I mean by this? The champion is the person who is solely responsible for the success of that technology.  You have to make sure everyone uses it until it is ingrained and used daily within your business.