Top 5 video interview platforms for recruitment agencies in 2019

By Dominic Chapman /

Top 5 video interview platforms for recruitment agencies in 2019

[catposts name=”Blog”]It’s 2019. Video is consuming everything which was once, word format. Platforms are popping up all over the web, here is a quick guide to the top 5 platforms you should check out.

As a Recruitment Agency, you are most probably inundated with vendors and choices. Finding a good interviewing platform shouldn’t be guesswork, and selecting an option can’t just be based on features, bells and whistles. Ease of use, affordability and the capability to customize solutions to meet your individual company’s needs also are critical factors best determined by talking to your peers and industry experts.

We’ve put a list of 5 platforms you need to check out, with the pros and cons of each platform.


Pros: Most affordable, Easy to use, Flexible

Cons: Lacks two-way or conferencing

If you are looking for a simple, affordable tool to automate your interviewing, here is your go to. You can try it for free by signing up through their website and pricing starts from £20 a month per recruiter on a Netflix style subscription. You can also scale with multi licenses. If you are looking for something more meaty with conferencing too, you may want to look elsewhere.



Pros: Has both one-way and conference, Good onboarding team

Cons: Only agrees to annual deals, No free trial

The good thing about Odro is that they have the capability of both conferencing and one-way. We’ve heard good things about their onboarding procedures and making sure their software is implemented correctly. However, they do require you to commit upfront, which with the risk in Video not working for every client, could be a big gamble, along with not offering a free trial. If you are looking for affordable flexible conferencing where you want to record, you can also check out Zoom.



Pros: Does 2-way interviews with advanced features, flexible

Cons: No one-way interview capability, no free trial

For the Recruiter who wants to showcase themselves in how they conduct interviews, this is for you guys. It focuses on you putting times in when you ask the question and also attached their CV as a nice touch. Run and invested by a Recruitment Agency, it will be aligned with the traditional agency model. There’s no free trial and also the capability for automated interviews is limited but does offer a monthly package.



Pros: Scalable, Automated & Live interviews

Cons: Expensive, only does annual deals

Based in France, EasyRecrue work with all sorts of companies. This may be for the larger scale companies, with only annual contracts and more on the expensive side. However, they do offer a range of products in space that you may be able to utilize.



Pros: Flexible, robust, customer support

Cons: GDPR understanding, get’s expensive fast

The American based startup SparkHire works with a range of companies. They offer a monthly subscription package starting at £100, so not out of this world but not cheap either. The system is robust with a strong customer success & support team to help both you and candidates through the journey. Their biggest downfall is the lack of understanding around GDPR and how it affects European customers.

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