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Welcome to the automated interviewing platform, allowing recruiters to interview more candidates in up to 70% less time.

Benefits for Recruiters

With StemX, recruiters send a link with questions and candidates to complete an interview in their own time on any android or iOS device. Without committing any time recruiters can very quickly understand individual candidate's:
English competence; skills assessment; preference on work, suitability and cultural fit.

Increase access to candidates

through linking StemX interviews to all your social media channels candidates can like, share and interact with you through your social channels.

Speed up the pre-qualification by up to 70%

Send a link to each of your candidates to complete the first stage interview in their own time, on any android or iOS device with a camera, internet & microphone.

For example, one agency who use StemX invited 400 candidates on a Thursday afternoon and by Monday morning had 300 interviews ready for review, without committing any time to phone or face to face interviews.

Better qualified candidates

Use video and photo content to show each candidate what they will be doing in their new job. Explain the role to the candidate and give them a better idea of what the work will be like.

Ensure cultural fit before investing too much time

By asking a mix of questions including: Introduction questions, skills-based questions and assessment questions recruiters are able to understand very quickly the level of English competence, skill and experience level, and organisational and role cultural fit.

Reduce no-shows and attrition

By giving candidates the opportunity to complete the interview in their own time and setting expectations at an earlier point with video and photo content as well as improving the candidate experience, no shows and attrition rate will decrease.

Reduced costs

By qualifying candidates quicker, getting better quality candidates and removing the ability for candidates to not turn up to an interview, time and recruitment costs are reduced.

Do things your way on your terms

StemX is the simple way to recruit with big results. No long contracts or hidden fees so what you see is what you get.


£95 per month

Our small version of StemX for small businesses that are just getting started.

  • Users 01
  • Roles per monthUnlimited
  • Candidates per roleUnlimited
  • External ReviewersUnlimited
  • CustomisationYes
  • IntegrationNo
  • 24/7 SupportYes

Do things
your way on
your terms.

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