What we came to do

StemX's team are committed to building a platform that creates opportunities for both employers and candidates, empowering users to do great things, and helping them grow.

StemX's mission is to change recruitment by helping brands connect with candidates

We’re here to change traditions

Think back to the last time you hired someone - it probably took a lot more time than you had to give and left you feeling exhausted. This is now a thing of the past.

Imagine a platform that lets you take all of your candidates, ask the questions you want, set a timeframe and then invites them all to record a video interview within minutes, meet StemX.

Hiring shouldn’t be a chore

At StemX, we've built a place where everyone from a CEO to a small business owner can find new talent. With StemX, every type of user is treated equally and given the same level of support. This belief helps users to feel more relaxed when hiring and see better results.

We think hiring should be simple and painless. People do their best work when they’re happy which is what we love.

Don't sit back and watch things change, be part of shaping recruitment's future.

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What matters to us

We work closely with our users to achieve the best results, using new methods to tackle old problems.

Enjoy a new approach to hiring with much less effort and time required whilst achieving impressive results.

StemX's responsive and around the clock support ensures that asking for help has never been easier.

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